Welcome to FinFile

Anyone who works in an Audit or Accounting environment know just how much time goes into finding and accessing documents, records and certificates. Whether it is for regular reporting, or reacting to clients, it just makes sense that a complete Financial File is available on demand for both firms and clients alike.

Having all a client’s important information and documents in one digital storage facility means that records can be accessed, browsed and printed easily and quickly. Access is controlled by the firm as well as the client to a single user or multiple users with different levels of access, allowing flexibility and security.

Finfile offers:
  • Real cost saving – no more finding and faxing, no more incompatible email issues or bulky file transfers, no more photocopies and couriers.
  • Better allocation of resources – no longer are your highly trained staff spending their time trawling through files. Clients can access any information as and when they need to, releasing your staff to do what they are employed to do.
  • Happier clients – ease of use and accessibility means that both banks, brokers and clients can get the information when they need it, wherever they may be.
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